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MASA Membership Categories

As identified in the MASA Constitution, MASA offers the following membership categories to school administrators:  Active, Group, Associate and Business Associate.

  • Active Membership- Available to any person who serves as a Missouri public school superintendent, central office administrator of a public school, administrator of an education agency, association, college or university, or teacher preparing persons for a career in education or educational administration in these institutions.
    Dues: MASA dues are equal to .7% (.007) of each member's 2018-2019 salary, rounded to the nearest dollar.

2018-2019 MASA Membership Form

Click here for on-line Membership form


  • Group Membership- Any school district whose superintendent is an active member may purchase one additional school district group membership which may be utilized by all central office assistants. The cost of a group membership is equal to the active membership fee paid by the superintendent of schools and entitles a school district to designate one additional voting member.

    This membership category was established in 1997-98. Its purpose is to allow large school districts with multiple central office assistants who are interested in the programs and services of the Missouri Association of School Administrators to join without paying an exorbitant amount of dues.
    A group membership does the following:
    • Provides MASA mailings and publications to the voting member designated by the school district
    • Qualifies members to register for all MASA conferences
    • Allows the designated voting member to vote on action issues during MASA business meetings.
      Dues: Equal to the active membership fee paid by the superintendent.
  • Individual Education Associate Member- Any person actively engaged in, or associated with, any phase of school work or otherwise interested in educational administration in Missouri shall be eligible for an individual associate membership in the Association. Individuals employed as administrators in Missouri public school districts shall not be eligible for associate membership.
    Education Associate Membership Form (pdf)                       Dues: $50
  • Business Associate Member- Any business that markets either products or services to the public schools or who wishes to provide support to public school superintendents through their professional association shall be eligible for a business associate membership in the Association.  
    Business Associate Membership Form (pdf)                        Dues: $200
  • Emeritus Member- Any active member of MASA who retires from work in Missouri education shall be eligible for emeritus membership.  Dues: Complimentary
  • Honorary Member- The Executive Committee shall have authority to confer honorary membership in the Association.
    Dues: Complimentary

MASA Video Library Membership - If you choose to purchase an annual membership to the MASA Video Library, you and your administrative team can access any and all programs as many times as you wish.  Membership is based on school district enrollment as follows:  

1 - 499 students $200 4,000 - 9,999 students $1200
500 - 1,999 students $500 10,000 students or more $1500
2,000 - 3,999 students $800 Colleges/universities $2000


MASA Membership Benefits

Legislative Advocacy

  • MASA serves as an advocate for legislation of importance to school administrators.
  • MASA lobbyists include an experienced professional who served eight years as a key member of the House of Representatives and two additional lobbying firms shared with other school administrator organizations.
  • MASA also utilizes retired school administrators in partnership with MASA regional districts on a part-time basis to network in the state Capitol with elected officials and in their regions with MASA members.
  • The legislative advocacy service of MASA is highly respected in the state Capitol because it is effective.

Professional Development

  • MASA offers a variety of professional development programs to members and is active in helping implement systemic reform programs mandated by SB380 and No Child Left Behind.
  • "Aspiring Superintendent" program recruits new candidates for the superintendency.
  • Mentor program assists superintendents in need of specific services.
  • MCSA OUTREACH began operation as a 501 (c) 3 Foundation on July 1, 2001.

Conferences & Events

  • Annual spring conference features programs and speakers on relevant topics.
  • Annual fall conference held in partnership with the Missouri School Boards' Association.
  • Annual Central Office Administrators Conference.
  • Annual awards banquet recognizes and honors MASA members.
  • Annual breakfast and reception held during the AASA National Conference on Education.
  • Annual golf tournament held for the enjoyment of members.
  • District meetings

Timely Information

  • Members receive frequent mailings on important education and association matters.
  • Quarterly publications feature articles about professional concerns and association activities.
  • Weekly bulletins are emailed to all members during the legislative session.

Legal Services

  • Up to $700 reimbursement for legal expenses incurred by members defending contract challenges.
  • Articles in MASA Spotlight with information about key legal decisions and new laws that affect public schools.
  • Model contract and workshops to help members become knowledgeable about its content and use.

    Additional information on Legal Services can be found at the Legal Services tab above.

Professional Advocacy

  • MASA, along with MAESP, MASSP and MCCTA administers the Better Schools for Missouri (formerly Missouri School Administrators Political Action Committee (MSAPAC), which identifies candidates who support education issues.
  • MASA represents superintendents at educational meetings and hearings throughout the state.
  • MASA maintains an effective liaison with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

School District Service

  • MASA provides expert consultation and assistance to school districts on school finance and budget related concerns on a fee basis.
  • MASA, through its office staff, also serves as a clearinghouse for members in identifying sources of information to assist members with administrative questions and/or research problems.                                           2018-2019 MASA Membership Form

AASA Membership Categories
(additional information available at www.aasa.org)

Active Member (Large School - over 350 students)

  • Active Membership - $460.00 - for superintendents, assistant and deputy superintendents.  Members in this category receive all AASA benefits and services, including the Legal Support Program ($1M individual professional liability coverage/up to $10K for job protection defense claims based on continuous years of membership, $500 deductible), a member discount when registering for AASA conferences and more.

Active Member (Small School - less than 350 students)

  • Small School District Leader -  $230.00 - for superintendents in school districts with less than 350 students.  Members in this category receive all the benefits of Active membership as described above.

2018-2019 MASA Membership Form