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MASA Business Card Available For Schools

MASA working in cooperation with Central Bank of Jefferson City has developed a BusinessCard for school districts which provides a rebate on all purchases!

The purchase card program is aimed at reducing the number of purchase orders a school district must issue and thereby improving the efficiency of the acquisition process, primarily for small items.

The program's uniqueness is that it offers a rebate based on the volume of purchases made with the cards, with no minimum required to qualify for the rebate.

There is no annual fee for the program and the MASA BusinessCard can be used at all businesses that accept MasterCard cards.  The card can be used for payment of supplies, auto expenses, utilities and for online purchases.  It is simple, reliable and with usage and authorization controls, the BusinessCard is an efficient tool for school district purchasing.

Other features of the MASA BusinessCard include a 25-day grace period when paid in full each month, account usage restricts on for employees, consolidated monthly pay statements and online access to track and manage spending.

To view a presentation on the MASA BusinessCard, simply click on this link:  Overview of BusinessCard Program 

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